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Key issues on inline insert



I have a series of three pages.  a list of patients,... for each patient selected a list of visits...  and for each visit selected a list of treatments.  I decide to let the user enter new records in-line at the top of the list.  All works well except when I need to add a new visit record.  I cannot autopopulate the key of the parent to the new record.  If I want to add a new visit, I must enter the key of the patient.  Obviously the user should not be entering this field (or even see it).  I cannot populate this field with the parent's key value and thus the insert fails.  The value of this Patient ID field is passed as a parameter when the patient is selected from the previous page.

My apologies that it is in Spanish - but you can see it is complaining that the PatientID that will be associated with this record does not exist.  The user should not be typing in this value.  By the way, I have the free version of Caspio - I am currently trying it out.  Some things are limited (like no Trigger Actions)


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