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Remove the Shared property from tables? No detach option



So, I'm not quite sure how I did this, but I have tables from one app now duplicated in another app - with the blue shared arrows on them.  I think it happened this way.  I had a DP in an app that I had set with correct settings, JS, styling.  So I "copied" it to the other app.  I think those tables came over with it (?).   Its the only think I can think of.  

If I select the tables, choose More , Detach is grayed out, in both apps.  Now I dont know how to remove that Shared status (blue icon) and get those table out of the second app.  Concerrnd about just deleting those tables from the app they shouldnt be in  😐   Assume Caspio would warn me if something bad was going to happen, ie be deleted in both places.  

When a table is a Shared Object, and appears in two apps, is that just one single table showing in both apps, or is it literally two discrete tables?




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When a table is shared like that, it is just one table being used in multiple apps. It is not two different instances of the table.

This happens a lot of the time when you use the table in Relationships or as a lookup table for a field in a datapage.

Also, be careful deleting things. Caspio is NOT the best with warning you about stuff like this. Always best to download a backup before you delete in case you need it again later on.

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