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Triggered Action Not Working



I have a triggered action setup with the goal of replacing the "Account Balance" in one table, based on entry into the other table. The triggered action is currently setup to add the newly deposited amount to the existing balance. The task validates but won't populate the data as intended unless I remove the "addition problem". If the task is set to update 'Account Balance = #inserted.DepositAmount' it will run successfully. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I have  nearly identical tasks within other tables of my application that function as intended with subtraction of similar variables. 


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Hello @SydneyH,

Is the 'AccountBalance' field blank initially?

If yes, this means that it stores NULLs. And when we add anything to NULL the result is NULL (blank).

This NULL should be replaced by zero:

Do you need to run this Trigger on Update as well? I can see the 'Update' action on your screenshot but in the text, you only describe the 'Insert' action (adding new entries).

Please note that the logic on Update is different. If you need assistance please let me know.

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Thank you for explaining this so thoroughly.

I believe we can run the trigger on Insert only, vs. both insert and update. We are tracking each deposit as its own line item upon entry/insert. The starting balance for every new participant is always 0, which is likely where my problem was considering the 'case' logic was not implemented. This fixed our issues. Thank you so much!



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