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Hi All! I was wondering if there is a workaround for my situation.

My logout link is located on the footer of my form and I named the link "Cancel Entry". After submission, I can see the success message (which is what I want to see) but I can also still see the logout link and given how I named it, it's not really good to see it still since you are done submitting a record. What can I do so I can keep the link in the footer but not show that once the user actually submits? 

Any help is much appreciated :) 

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Hi @imJihyo! I'm assuming you have "show a message" chosen for the after-submission action. You can try making an HTML datapage that contains the message you originally had in the form. Then, instead of the old configuration, you choose "new page". This way, it will show the success message and not the footer :) I hope this helps!

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Could probably also give your custom logout link an ID, such as <a id="logoutLink" href="xxx".....</a>

Then on the "show a message" screen, either uncheck "Enable HTML editor" or click Source and add the following:

  #logoutLink {display: none;}


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