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Entire form conditional



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Quick answer - Yes, there is a way! As with any problem, there are usually many ways to solve it but may I suggest using the new Caspio Conditional Forms feature - http://howto.caspio.com/datapages/creat ... rules.html - This is probably the best solution for you. However, you need to re-design your form. Can you give me more details?:

1 - Is the form you want to open (if box check yes) related to the form they (your users) are using? (example - the form you want to open provides more registration information or purchasing information or profile information, etc.).

2 - How often is the box check yes? (if it is often checked yes/a majority of the time, you definately need to use the Conditional Forms feature).

This feature enables parts of a master form (with related information throughout) to collapse, expand, disable, etc. depending (conditional) on data in other parts of the form...great feature.

If you need help with this, contact me directly at my email address: setupyoursite@yahoo.com


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If you can explain how your forms are related, then I can give you specific help. For example, if the set of forms are for WorkFlow, then each form has only one form that opens next in the flow. For this type of form system you should use an Update Form and make field/s entries required for successful update then have the next form open (Destination Trigger) upon successful update and so on and so on. If this is truly a WorkFlow, then there should be specific field entries required (or one entry - your checkbox) and only one specific form that opens next. Otherwise it is not a WorkFlow system if any of these (field entries or next form in line) varies. However, the answer is still "Yes" on making your entire form conditional regardless of the type of form system you actually have so let me know if I can help further with this (by explaining how your forms are related - if not WorkFlow :-)..../RA

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