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How to insert page break for printing

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I have a details page that covers 2-3 pages depending on the size of the virtual fields that receive data from another form. Unfortunately the users often have to print these pages. When printed, the text boxes, areas, data, etc., whatever falls on the page break, are cut in two, making the forms very hard to read and unsightly. My users use Google Chrome as this in the only browser that seems to do a somewhat decent job of printing by default.

My Question: how do I insert a page break in a Caspio details page so everything after the break appears on the next page(s) when printed. I've tried inserting (into an HTML Block):

; but this is not a full break, it only pushes the content below this break about 1/2 a page down (i.e. creates a space of about 1/2 a page).

I tried the css approach, by inserting "page-break-before:always;" into the CSS style for the headings after which I wanted break. Again I only get about a 1/2 page push or space creation.

I'd appreciate any alternative ideas. I understand that breaking across tables can be difficult. I read a suggestion to break the table, but this doesn't seem feasible with a Caspio form.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello @cflapt - I believe this could help you out as Caspio has now a page break on their details page and on their results page. Feel free to look into this documentation: https://howto.caspio.com/datapages/pdf-download/adding-page-breaks-to-details-page/ 

This functionality really helped me a lot on my DataPage. Also, if you want to configure the page breaks on your Results page.  Here is my screenshot that you can refer to: image.png.cd46f306debdd46c0ddf482fe7ddb2ce.png

I hope this information finds you well. Cheers! :D 

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