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How do I write "You are logged in as X"?



I would like to have a html field where I write "You are logged in as X" in a report - on the results page.

I use the Authentication Table, and I know that I can filter depending on who is logged in. But this somewhat different.

Actually, I want to acheve more than this - I want js-links on the results page to be different depending on which class of user that is logged in. But if I know how to write "You are logged in as X" on the results page, then I can solve the rest myself.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions.



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Update: When pulling the authfield field and your using a view, make sure you reference the full field name as used in that view. (Also you may need to make sure caspio bridge parameters are enabled... not sure on that one)

Table: Auth_Table

Username/Password, IsAdmin (Yes/NO), IsEnabled (Yes/No)

View: Auth_Admin_View

Include Username/Password where IsAdmin = Yes IsEnabled = Yes

If I'm using Auth_Table as my authentication, I can use [@authfield:Username] to print the contents of that field.

If I'm using Auth_Admin_View for my authentication, I would use [@authfield:Auth_Table_Username]

It's exactly the same as using parameters with any view. Just took me a moment to remember I was in fact using a view for my authentication.

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