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Workaround for charting aggregates using calculated fields?




Is it possible to create a calculated field in a chart/report that would SUM or AVG the records like the report does so that they could be used in a chart. For example, I have a table that records multiple records each month for the quantity of new client referrals by category. I would like to create a simple bar chart that has two series. First series would be the total quantity for the month from all categories and the second series would be the total goal for the month from all categories. If this is possible, what would the math function be?

Also, if the total goal is a field entered into another table, can I pull it with a parameter to the chart/report for charting purposes with a virtual parameter?

Thank you for any guidance.


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If you have two tables, one is for the monthly quantity of new client referrals by category, the other is monthly goal, and both tables contain month field. Then you can create a view to join these two tables, and crate a Chart DataPage based on this view. Series1 is counting the records, and Series2 is displaying averaging goal value (goal value).

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