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Calculated field for running balance



I'm looking for a way to add a calculated balance column on each row that contains a running balance by taking the balance value from the previous row and adding/subtracting values from current row to arrive at a new balance.

result set includes "increase" and "decrease" columns:

Increase ----- Decrease ------- Balance (calculated)

100 --------------------------- 100

400 --------------------------- 500

---------------- 200 ---------- 300

-200 --------------------------100

--------------- -300 ---------- 400

These values will be currency with 2 decimals but I think we can ignore that for now.

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Are there any newbie friendly resources that might be able to help me with something like this.


I'm trying to create an app that logs points, gives users the ability to redeem points and keeps a running balance based on both.


I have looked at JS and appears daunting.....


Thanks in advance.

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Hi all!

You can also use Calculated field in the Reports DataPage to display the running balance: 

(SELECT SUM(ISNULL([@field:Increase],0) - ISNULL([@field:Decrease],0)) FROM Running_Balance WHERE Code= target.[@field:Code] AND ID <= target.[@field:ID])

You may check this for reference:


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