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Masking email addresses in contact forms



Any Ideas on (2 things):

Is there a way to mask the email field for data page viewers to contact other members?

For example, I'm on a social networking site made with Caspio and I don't want my e-mail address shown to the public- rather a "fake" address shown on a report page where a user that clicked contact me at "fake" email address that sends an email to Caspio and then forwards to the recipient. Any ideas on how this could be executed?

I guess one could make a data page that accepts comments that links those comments to a target User ID. And that Target User ID could enter a password to see his comments (like a mailbox page)

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Even if you render the field as a email field and enable custom text, when users hover over the email link they can see the actual email and when attempting to send the email they will get the real email address !!!

If contact me link opens a submission page and you have notification email on that submission page to get notified when a new request a submitted the form you can select any from address for that :!: :!:


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