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Calculation based on two existing calculated fields.




I have two datapages embedded into one single external html page. Each datapage performs a total sum calculation. I would like to then be able to do a simple calculation off of these two calculated values. I am looking to essentially do the following:

[CalculatedField1] - [CalculatedField2] = Result

Is there a piece of Javascript I can insert into the actual external HTML page?

Also, if this is possible, can I write a message if [CalculatedField2] is greater than [CalculatedField1]?

Thank you in advance from a long-time and very loyal Caspio client.

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This is possible with Javascript. What you will want to do is get the last TR of the table. This last TR holds the Total values. Those values must be stored into a variable. Once you have them into the variables you can easily perform other calculations.

I am not 100% sure this is the correct code, but something like this can be used to get the last TR value:

var lastRowIndex = table.rows.length-1;

http://stackoverflow.com/questions/9609 ... e-last-row

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