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jQuery Mobile 1.0 Hit button and link issues

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Hello Everyone-

I'm relatively new to web design but have been getting familiar with Dreamweaver CS6. The app I am developing is here. I have 2 issues I can't quite figure out and would love some help from those of you far more knowledgeable than I am. I am embedding an app from caspio.com for each page.

1.) from the main page, click on "Search Jobs" and notice the hit are (blue shaded area) is a verticle bar on the left of the screen.

2.) when you click search it goes back page 1 instead of displaying the search results page. Then when you click "Search Jobs" again it takes you to the search page and the details page doesn't work.


You can obviously view my source code but here is how the Search Jobs data page should operate....http://b6.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=421E2000d4a2e1c2c6h8i9e9h2a6

Thanks so much for your time and input. I greatly appreciate it.

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