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Auto save ala Google Contacts



Hi, I have created several search and report datapages used to keep track of patient information in the healthcare setting (e.g., one form is for patient contact information, another is for notes from each visit, etc.) . The patient information is edited on the details page. Several of these forms have numerous fields to which lots of data is entered by the healthcare provider. The problem is that the form users (the healthcare providers) are sometimes forgetting to "save" the form (i.e., click submit; I set destination page to same form so they can keep editing), they walk away or close the browser and all entries since the last submit are lost.

I've come across script that will automatically submit the form at certain time intervals, but this option is not ideal as the form user will be interrupted (in this case for several seconds because of the form length).

I'd like my forms to save the data like Google Contacts does (I'm referring to the Google Contacts accessed through Gmail accounts). In Google Contacts when I start entering a new contact, the form is automatically saving my entries with no interruption.

Has anybody implemented this type of overhaul?


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I have not implemented this but there is a workaround for this. You can add HTML block on your page and add couple more submit button for the page. Then you can create an update page to continue editing the same entry if they have not finished entering the data yet. This is also a good approach: http://howto.caspio.com/parameters/in-a ... forms.html

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Thank you, but I don't quite understand. My forms are set up as follows:

1. Submission datapage: patient name and contact info entered. Unique ID titled Patient ID automatically created.Patient ID parameter passed on submission. Data saved in Patient Registration Table.

2. Search and Report datapage for additional patient registration info and also displays patient name and contact info: underlying table is Patient Registration Table. The search page receives the Patient ID and automatically searches the Patient Registration Table for the Patient ID retrieves the corresponding record. The details page fields are set to text fields so the user can edit these fields.

In the details page I would like the user's entries to be saved on the fly as they type. Having to click submit and wait for the datapage to refresh is very distracting.

Does your workaround address this issue? Thank you for taking the time on this, much appreciated.

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