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Security question validation for password reset



I am storing a security question and its corresponding answer in my user table. I would like to use this as a way to validate the users Password Reset request.

I tried to include these 2 fields in the Password Reset datapage but it doesn't grab the security question from the record even when a valid user email is entered. So I guess I'll likely need 2 datapages to implement this. The first one to get the user record based on email and validate the security question and the second one to reset the password?

Anyone have any experience with this? I would appreciate the help.

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Thanks for your response MayMusic.

For some reason I didnt get an email when you posted a response so I never saw it. In any case, I tried including security_questions (display only) and security_answers (text field) in my password reset datapage. Ideally when the user enters his email, I would want his previously stored security question to be displayed so that he can provide his security answer. However, nothing is displayed in the security_questions field - I think its because the datapage hasnt obtained the record associated with the email address yet.

I even tried to specify security_questions as a "text field" hoping that I could choose a dropdown and provide question choices to the user. But there is no dropdown option available. Even if I get this to work, this would still require that the user remember the security question they chose (during signup) and provide a corresponding answer - which doesn't seem like standard practice.

Not sure if I'm doing anything wrong.

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