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Cron Emails?



First off - I'm new and very excited about the ease of development  that Caspio appears to offer ... I'm eager to learn a LOT in the next 2 weeks!


I have a client with a specific project that I would like to develop as my "certification app", but I'm not sure about the viability of the end product simply because I don't know Caspio well enough yet.  If this can be done, great - I'll figure out how.  If not, that's OK too, I just want to know up-front and I'll choose something different for my first project.


The client wants a 'reiminder service' from her new website.  Her clients would log in using username and PW (I know we can do that) and enter significant dates (birthdays, anniversary, etc.) that they want to be reminded about along with how far in advance that they want the reminder  (Again, this is straightforward enough - positive it can be done).  The application I'm developing would then send a customized email or text message on the appropriate date.


I can visualize how everything in this project works up to the point of sending the reminders.  In my php/MySQL world, those reminders would be constructed and transmitted by way of a php script which would be triggered by a daily CRON job - but from what I have seen here, it doesn't look like "we the developers" have access to CRON task lists.


Is this project do-able through Caspio Bridge?  If so, what would be the key to sending out the reminders?


Thanks for your insights!



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Same as before - nobody available to chat, call and the menu system ignores my inputs.  The inaccessibility of help for this platform is a far bigger issue than what the software can or cannot do.


Sad to say (this was as close to the perfect solution as I have found) ... it appears to be time to move on and see what else may be workable for my development projects.

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Jeff, I'm sorry if you were not able to reach us for a consultation. Caspio Sales and Support services are open Monday-Friday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time. You may have contacted us outside business hours.


To answer your question, what you are looking for is not a built-in feature in the platform and requires Professional Services. Please contact Professional Services team by filling out the form at http://www.caspio.com/support/professional-services.aspx%C2'>




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Hi @AgilityJeff,


Caspio Bridge has a new feature which is called Task and is somewhat equivalent to a CRON job. You can now create Tasks to enhance the level of automation in your applications. Tasks can modify data and send email or SMS notifications based on a predefined time schedule. With Tasks, your applications can run operations on a predetermined schedule and automatically do all the steps that you configured in them. You can find more information here. It is included in the release of Caspio Bridge 15.0 last October 16, 2018. 



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