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Copy Data From One Field To Another

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Hi, I am trying to implement the following function into a details datapage:


Text Box 1 - user types in data


Text Box 2 - user clicks button and Text Box 1 data is copied into Text Box 2


I have found javascript that makes this work with a checkbox, but I would like a button. I found javascript for a button but it doesn't seem to work within the datapage for some reason. Here is the button javascript I found. One problem is that the button html below trys to submit the page.


function onSubmitClick() {
var box1 = document.getElementById('box1');
var box2 = document.getElementById('box2');
box2.value = box1.value;

<textarea id='box1'></textarea>
<textarea id='box2'></textarea>
<button onclick='onSubmitClick(); return false'>Click Me</button>

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I got it to work. For some reason I only get the problem if I test the code through Chrome html editor. When I actually deploy the datapage it works. Thanks for the help.


One more question, I have datapage#1 with an iframe that contains datapage#2. I would like a button on datapage#1 that copies a field from datapage#2 and pastes the data within a field on datapage#1, ie., the exact same thing as the above code only across the iframe barrier. Do you know how to tweak the above code to accomplish such a function?

Thanks again, I appreciate your help!

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