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How To Filter Double Value In Webform



I have a html block where i am showing custom URL's based on a category in a field. Problem is that i want to show every category only once but there are multiple products with the same categories. In my case this mean it shows multiple times the same categorie. 


I have  e.g. three products;


Product A category File Sharing

Product B category Backup

Product C category File Sharing


I have the HTML Block that shows the output





Result is:

File Sharing

File Sharing





But it should be; (only one category)

File Sharing




How can i do this , can i do it in html (e.g. filter same fields like distinct option) or e.g. in a calculation field? 


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If I understand correctly, you can use Cascading Dropdown or Listbox to filter categories.

A cascading dropdown or list box prompts users to select an item from a list of limited choices first. Each dropdown or listbox that follows provides only options that pertain to the previous selection. For example, if the first drop down asks an end user for their state, the next dropdown can ask for their city and dynamically offer only cities located in the previously selected state.
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