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Many-To-Many Relationship Or Event Management Question



Hi All,


I have to create a simple database that tracks me member attendance on a weekly basis.  The event info is housed in 1 table and the members info in another.  I created a third table but not sure if I need it and would like some development advise on it.  The third table is simple an attendance with one field "Yes/No.


So my understanding of many-to-many relationship is that the 


1) Event can have multiple members and multiple Yes or No associated with those members


What is the best way to create this in caspio. Is there a many-to-many relationship function?  Is there a better way of creating this?


The basic function of this is to track the event date and if a member attend or not.  


Any assistance would be greatly appreciate 



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As far as I know, there are no many-to-many relationships in Caspio, most database management systems only support one-to-many relationships.
"There are two types of relationships: one-to-one and one-to-many relationships" (How-To).
And it seems, your way is the best - to create a third table with two one-to-many relationships.
And you probably know, that you can use a View to work more conveniently with the third table.
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