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Formatting Text Automatically

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I am sure there is a solution to this simple issue,  because I witnessed (and continue to witness) it first hand in this forum window. I tested the topic title of this forum and noticed that it has the capability to force format texts, i.e. all words are forced to begin with a capital letter.


One of my issues is that, users sometimes type in ALL CAPS or in all lower case. The result is a table with user input information that are inconsistent. Not good when you're trying to capture the information to be placed in a formal document later, such as a report.


How can I automatically format text fields, and text areas to force the result to look like they are properly typed in, such as: Avoidance of ALL CAPS and ALL Lower case, forced caps after period, caps only when it is a noun or acronym.


Any help is appreciated.

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Hello Elena,


I can propose you the JavaScript code that forced caps after period, but I do not know how to save acronyms.

It works for text fields and text areas.

<script type="text/javascript">
function capitalize()
 var text = document.getElementById('InsertRecordtext64000').value; 
 text = text.toLowerCase();
 var newVal = '';
 var val = text.split('');
 var nextCap = true;

 for(var i=0; i < val.length; i++) 
    if (val[i]=='.') 
         nextCap = true;
         newVal += val[i];
        if ((nextCap)&&(val[i].match(/^[A-Za-z]+$/)))
           nextCap = false;
           newVal += val[i].toUpperCase();
          {newVal += val[i];}
 document.getElementById('InsertRecordtext64000').value = newVal; 

I hope it helps.

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