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Changing Hidden Values In Update Form

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I have an update form that contains 2 hidden fields.  Depending on the changes made in the form, the value of the hidden fields needs to change.  One of the fields is a dropdown what controls placement on a report.  I have added the following javascript to the footer.  Any changes I make to the data are saved in the table, however, the hidden fields never change.  Hopefully someone can spot the error in my code.





function concatenate1()
var Sched.Status = document.getElementById("EditRecordStatus").value;
var Control = document.getElementById("EditRecordID").value;
var Company = document.getElementById("EditRecordCompany").value;
var Company25 = Company.substring(0,25);
var Position = document.getElementById("EditRecordPosition").value;
var Date = document.getElementById("EditRecordDate_Open").value;
var CompanyPosition = Control + ' - ' + Company + ' (' + Position + ')';
document.getElementById("EditRecordCompany_Position").value = CompanyPosition;
if (Sched.Status == "Future Credit")
var DateControl = 'FC' + Date + ' - ' + Control + ' - ' + Company25;
} else {
var DateControl = Date + ' - ' + Control + ' - ' + Company25;
document.getElementById("EditRecordDate_Control").value = DateControl;

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Hello Bill,


May the problem be in the dot in the name of the variable?

The Sched.Status is present in the code. I hope, if you change it to, for example, SchedStatus the code will work.

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