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Dynamically Choose Lookup Table For Dropdown List




I would like to dynamically choose a lookup table for a dropdown list.


Similar to a cascading dropdown, but where the actual lookup table changes.


Consider the scenario...

Parent Dropdown options:  Opt1 & Opt2

When Opt1 is chosen viewOpt1 populates the child dropdown

When Opt2 is chosen viewOpt2 populates the child dropdown



I have a workaround envisioned that entails adding many fields to the lookup table, and i would prefer to not un-optimize my app by doing that.


Does anybody know of a js that can help me with this?



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I'm looking for a solution for something like this, but for Inline Edit on a Tabular Report. I have the same issue - I need the ability to show one of two different Views depending on the value of the parent field. 

The Rules solution worked great in getting my forms right, but now I need to cover all my bases for when the user does an update via a report.

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