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If - Then Procedure Is Not Working In (Update) Datapage Footer

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Normally this procedure must work in the footer of a update datapage form, so when the virtual1 checkbox is checked, then add +1 to the total of field...


The procedure to add +1 to the fields total is working...


When adding the If-Then procedure it stops adding, with or without the checkbox checked....


If anybody can help me with this?








// ParsInt script is tested en working (adding each time +1 to value Kip_met_Marokkaanse_kruiden)

function add()

var totalVal = parseInt((document.getElementById("EditRecordR393_Kip_met_Marrokaanse_kruiden").value)) + (+1);



function is_checked_and_change()


   var is_checked = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").checked;

   if (is_checked)





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