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Automatically Insert Username Into Field

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Hello Ant,


You can check "Enable Advanced Options" and "Enable parameters" check-boxes on the DataPage DataSource step, then select your field, open the "Advanced" tab, in the "External Associations and Defaults" section check "On load" checkbox, select the "Authentication Fields" in the dropdown and select the username field.


There is the article about automatically populating fields, but it describes the work with System Parameters.


I hope, it helps.

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Hi Jan


Thanks for that. It works perfectly on adding a new record but for editing existing records I don't have the On Load option under External Associations and Defaults". There is only an On Exit option.


Is there a way to do this when updating existing records?



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Hi Ant,


You can try the following steps:

- add a Virtual field to your page, select Hidden in the "Form Element" field, select Authentication Fields and your field in the "On load assign" fields;

- add a Header&Footer element and add the following code to the Footer:

function insert_username()
var auth_username = document.getElementById("cbParamVirtual1").value;
document.getElementById("EditRecordusername").value = auth_username;

Please insert the number of your Virtual Field instead of 1 in "cbParamVirtual1" and the name of your field instead of "username" in "EditRecordusername".

The username will be inserted, when the user clicks the "Submit" button.
I hope, it helps.
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