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Thanks for the reply Jan


I figured out an approach, but after I got it I realized the pitfalls of formatting on display. (Users like to see the special characters while adding and editing so adding or editing phone numbers without special characters feels wrong from the end user point of view, editing now requires un-formatting and ensuring the user doesn't use special characters, tel: tags like special characters, etc.)


My Javascript approach was from a few weeks ago, and when I couldn't get it I abandoned the effort until yesterday... It lacked a loop which is why I was only getting one per page.


The approach I used yesterday to get it was a Caspio Calculated Field: this is from memory because I went back to storing special characters...

'('+Left([@phoneField],3)+') '+Left(Right([@phoneField],7),3)+'-'+Right([@phoneField],4)

(even thought I decided not to do this the formula above might be helpful to others.)

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