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Acknowledgement Emails After Bulk Update



First off, I have to say that the new 'bulk edit' and 'bulk delete' features are excellent and I'm sure will be a huge time saver for developers and end users alike!


However, what I'd like to know is how to 'trigger' the acknowledgement emails from the grid, after a bulk update.


At the moment, my individual records fire off an acknowledgement email from the details page when they've been updated. After updating them in bulk (or using the grid edit), I lose the acknowledgement email functionality unless I open the individual record and manually click on 'update' on the details page.


Can the update button that triggers the email be included on the grid?


Any thoughts would be appreciated!

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Hello spearheading,


Have you edited your DataPages after Release? As far as I know, new settings appear in emails, and they allow to send acknowledgment emails.


When a user edits something in Grid, she/he edits records one by one, and emails are sent after changes in a row are saved.

When a user uses Bulk Update, acknowledgment emails are sent for every edited record.


Sorry, maybe, I do not understand your question.

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