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Passing Multiple Parameters With Iframe Source


Good afternoon all,


I am changing the source of an iframe based on a button press that runs a script.


The url of the page the button is on is as follows:





And the javascript changes the iframe source to:







Now it is receiving the Job_RID no problem, but is unable to capture the Market or Port RID’s



Is there some trick I am missing in passing parameters from the URL into the iframe? The datapage itself is set to receive these parameters.


I have made the fields on the datapage visible to ensure that it wasn't the page (they work fine in previews) but I am encountering this issue in multiple places when it comes to multiple parameters and iframes.


Any and all help is much appreciated.



Thank you!

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Feel free to comment if you have any more tips, but I finally found out right after posting this that iframes use "%" instead of "&" to separate multiple parameters.




Sorry to have taken up any front page space!

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