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Redrect Url Based On Authfield Value



We have an app where we are using an html page with a javascript redirect based on a value in the authfield.  The problem we are having is when staff updates the value and sends the customer an email with the link, if the customer was already logged into the site and clicks the link their authfield value has not been updated because they were logged in with the old value.  Is there a way to force the refresh of the authfield values or another solution we can use?  The redirect we are using is posted below:


if("[@authfield:PaymentVerified^]" == "No") {
window.location = "[@app:PaymentInstructionsURL]?PersonID=[@authfield:PersonID#]";
} else { 
window.location = "[@app:CustomerDashboardURL]?PersonID=[@authfield:PersonID#]";
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Hello DCT,


Welcome to Caspio forum!


If I understand correctly, a user clicks the Update button of a DataPage to update the value. You can edit your DataPage, and in the Destination and Emails screen select Go to a new page, and enter the logout link in the Page URL field, like



A user updates his or her record, and then he or she is logged out.


Does it work for you?

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