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Tabular Datapage, Show Related Field Display Instead Of Id #



Hello All,

I have a field- SupplierID- in a table ("Items") that is a Number field (not autonumber, not unique). This field stores the ID Autonumber value from another table ("Suppliers") instead of the full text value of the Supplier's name. Typical relational database stuff. 


However, on a datapage, I have to use a View to link the two tables by that ID # value so I can show the the Supplier's name on the datapage (instead of just the ID# value). This is ok Except when I need the SupplierID (in "Items") to be editable, like on an Inline Add function of a tabular datapage. 


I have to show the SupplierID field so I can set SupplierID to be editable with a Dropdown lookup in Suppliers with Field for Display being the text field Supplier's Name and Field for Value being the SupplierID #. And this works fine in the Inline Add section. 


The problem is in the rest of the tabular data grid the SupplierID will show the ID# value and not give me a choice to show a related text field value (Supplier Name). So the user just sees a bunch of numbers instead of the Suppliers name. 


It's bad design to put in a 2nd column with the Supplier's name- surely there's a way to make a field that's a number value, storing a related table's autonumber both editable via dropdown and ALSO, in non-edit view show a 'field for display.'?


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated..

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Yes, I've had to use 2 fields as well- one for the Edit and one for the display- this is very sloppy and confuses the user, though, because in the non-inline add line they don't know what the # is (the field for the edit). I don't know if Bridge 9.0 will address this but it's a basic failing that should be addressed. 

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@kpcollierIt's been awhile since I posted this but I believe the issue can be fixed in the Tables Relationships view. When you create a relationship with a table it allows you to choose a display value instead of the Id. When you use that field in an inline edit datapage it will then use the display field for the user (while storing the id field) when editing. See the screenshot. 

Hope this helps-

Screen Shot 2021-04-28 at 1.51.05 PM.png

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