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Dropdown Reset On Submission



I have 1 dropdown followed by 4 cascading dropdowns lined up horizontally on a submission page.


When the submit button is selected the results come out fine, but all of the dropdowns are reset. I don't want the dropdowns to reset when the submit button is selected, but would like to have a separate reset button so the user can reset the dropdowns when desired.


Also, the submit button is below the dropdowns and I want to put it and the reset button on the same horizonal line and to the right of the dropdowns.


I appreciate any help.



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To have the submit button aligned with other elements you need to hide the actual button in the style you are using for this page. Make a copy of the style and in it and find .cbSubmitButton add display:none; to it.  Apply this to your page.


Then add an HTML Block and create your custom button. If you want to have the same setting before hiding the button right click on it, inspect element and copy the button code and use the same code. Just make sure to remove ID value.


About reset I am not sure maybe other user can help

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