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Displaying Fields In A Table (Submission Form)



I am in the process of creating a new Submission Form, and I want some of the fields to display in a table format. I have used HTML to create tables before, but they included links, not fields. It's probably pretty simple, but it's really hard to search for this solution! 


Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

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Here is what I have come up with so far. I inserted this in an HTML box placed before the fields that go in the table:


<table border="1" style="width:100%">
<TH>Increments ACTION STEPS with dates</th>
Then I added HTML boxes in between each field. In those, I put </td><td>. At the end of each row, I put </td></tr><tr><td> in the HTML box. At the end of the table, I put:
in another HTML box. I attached a screen shot of what that looks like. I can't get the fields to display in the same row. I tried checking "continue next element on the same line," but that didn't fix it either. 
Any suggestions?
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Hello ababcock,


As far as I know, DataPages are designed with tables, and every field is placed in a cell, or something like this.

So, if you add your table and your cells, the design is broken.


Maybe, you can use a standard HTML form and use it with Caspio?


Or you can use a standard features of Caspio and CSS to display fields like a "table". I mean, you can apply "border="1" style="width:100%"" to the table with name "cbTable" or better with attribute


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