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Js To Clear Conditional Child Input Fields

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i have a field on a submission data page which if checked will display other other fields to be checked which have been hidden by a rule, but if I un-check the parent field the children fields disappear but remain checked. Can I use JS to clear the children cells if the parent is un-checked?

many thanks


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Hello costar,


You can use following code in the footer field: 

<SCRIPT type="text/javascript">

function f_a(v_id){ return document.getElementById(v_id); }
function f_b(v_id){ return f_a('InsertRecordcheckbox' + v_id);}
function f_findParentTR(v_node){
 var v_parentNode = v_node;
 if(!v_node) return null;
 while(v_parentNode && String(v_parentNode.nodeName).toUpperCase() != 'TR')
  v_parentNode = v_parentNode.parentNode;

 return v_parentNode;
function CheckboxesCheck() {
 if (f_b("1").checked){
 } else {

Note: The code works for three fields with 'Yes/No' DataTypes. 


Hope it helps.



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