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Transfer Value From One Data Page (Form) To Another Before Submit Form





have stuck with a problem of transfer value generated via javascript in html block of one form (lets say form A) to another data page (also form, lets say form B) before submitting form A.


Value transfer via parameter in link 


i.e   AppKey=somekeynumber&OrderID=[@field:OrderID] when B form is opening.


OrderID is generated value via html block. OrderID is saved into A table as id after A form submit.


The problem is that form B receive previously generated value as the on load parameter from last submit value of the form A.


However I need current generated value, not previously submitted.


Any ideas how to do/resolve this? 



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Hi Dev,


Welcome to the forum!


It's rather strange workflow for me, but I think you can use the following idea:

document.write("<a href='URL?AppKey=somekeynumber&OrderID="+document.getElementById("InsertRecordOrderID").value+"'>Click me</a>");

Your script generates some ID and writes it to the OrderID field, is it correct?
Then write the link in the HTML Block, use "document.getElementById("InsertRecordOrderID").value" instead of "[@field:OrderID]".


Does it work for you?

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Hi Xiang thank you kindly for your response. Figured the problem. The id  was not assign properly to the element, element was empty.


It works both with [@field:OrderID] and document.getElementById("InsertRecordOrderID")



I have another question. Is it possible to check in some way all the fields before submitting form?


Some kind of confirmation page with all data from multy forms ( possibly with edit f), If data ok, form is submitted,  if not cancel.


Thnank you!

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Hi Dev,


You can use a "virtual" Submission form, so a user enters all data to Virtual fields. When the user clicks "Submit", parameters are passed to the second form.

The second form is the "real" form, fields get parameters on load, and then you can disable all fields. If a user clicks Submit, the data are added to the table. You can add an HTML Block with the "Back" link, that will pass all parameters back to the Virtual form.


Or you can use Update Forms. Something like

Then when a user clicks the "Submit", some checkbox is checked and the record is displayed.


I hope it helps :)

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