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Validate User Email Address & Account



Hi good evening. I am working with a project/thesis of mine and I am using Caspio as my database. I wouldjust like to ask if is it possible to validate the user's email add upon registering to your site? and if yes, how was that possible? Thanks.


And one more thing, can someone teach me how to create accounts and filter their view and functionality of the website based on their role?


Please heIp me. I badly need a reply. Thank you! :)

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Hi IsabelGarcia,


Yes, it's possible to validate user's email, please refer to the link:




And refer to the following link to find out how to create user redirect, after login, based on the user role:


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Hi Isabel,


How are you doing?


I hope, two more links can help:

Create a User Registration Process (video) - http://howto.caspio.com/getting-started/create-a-user-registration-process/

Setting Up User Permissions in Your App (article) - http://howto.caspio.com/authentications-and-connections/authentication/setting-up-user-permissions-in-your-app/


Have a nice week-end!

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