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It Is Possible To Make A Calculation Whit Javascrip In A Tabular Report Header .

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Hello goodmorning.is it possible to make a javascript calculation such as the example below, in the header, in place of the in the footer van een tabular report?  . in the footer , he is working correctly.<script>

var column_number = 1;

var myTable = document.getElementsByName("cbTable")[0];

var myRows = myTable.getElementsByTagName("tr");

var lastRow = myRows.length - 1;

var myCells = myRows[lastRow].getElementsByTagName("td");

var myTotal = parseFloat(myCells[column_number].innerHTML);


var paard = "voeg uw paard toe!";

var voegtoe = "upgrade uw acount!";



document.write("<p>Link: " + paard.link("http://google.nl") + "</p>")




document.write("<p>Link: " + voegtoe.link("http://caspio") + "</p>")




Regards Peter 

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When you load a script into the header, is runs before the data loads. So if your script does anything with the data that loads, it must be in the footer.


If you want something to appear in the header, you could create an Element in the Header and use JS from the footer to populate that element.

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