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Fetch Information By Id Twice



I'm new not only to Caspio but to databases as well, so please excuse any newbie errors I did. Just a quick explanation what I'm trying to do: 
A user picks a punch from a list. As a result he can then see information about the punch (once) and details concerning any stamps matching the selected punch as well as if there is any "buy a bundle" option available. 
The punch, stamp and bundle info all come from a catalog, which is not necessarily the same for all three (e.g. punch in one catalog, stamp and bundle in another). 
The current table setup:




One view manages the punch / punch-type relation, one view is used as lookup table for the punch-bundle-stamp relation.
I use two datapages with reports that are combined in one page similar as described here: http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/parameters/add-a-search-interface-to-results-sets-page/
(I just use a report instead of the first submission form, as I would like the punch info to show up *once* as well.)
So far, I managed to get this running except for one issue:
The catalog ID is linked to the stamp and to the bundle info; I would like the report to show both, the catalog description of the catalog ID assigned to the stamp and the bundle. I can't figure out how to properly set up the view and report page to check the assigned ID for both entries and show up the two catalog descriptions. 
Also, it would be awesome if I could combine the catalog url (from CATALOG) and the page information (from PUNCH, STAMP and PSRELATION) into one field on report creation to flexibly create a clickable url, as I could add the url once to the catalog instead of adding the info to each entry in 3 tables.
As far as I can see this won't be possible for me in the free version. That's a minor thing though, maintaining it manually in the 3 tables is ok.
Any help on how I get the catalog description twice, but identified by different IDs would be very much appreciated.
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I only skimmed this, but it sounds like you want to use GROUPING on your search results: by punch, then category:




Next it sounds like using JS to concatenate text from several fields into one:


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Hi Irebu,

If I understand you correctly, you'd like to create a view, based on 3 tables. It's possible, you should join them on ID_Catalog. You can find more info here

Regarding your second question, when you create a view, use it as a data source for the report datapage. On the result page you can render value of the field "Catalog url" as URL. Find more info  here


I hope this helps. 

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