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Would Someone Please Read My Post? I Need Help



I have recently converted my site from Joomla to Wordpress.


My app that passes an email address parameter now seems to drop the "@" symbol during the pass-through.


i.e.  When hovering over the hyperlink, I can see the @, but when it actually passes, it's gone.


Any thoughts?


Thanks !!!!

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Wordpress and Joomla are two different systems. You can't compare them.

Passing parameters can be a nightmare if this is the first time you're doing it.

When you submit the form the best plan is redirect to a second wordpress page that has exactly the same caspio datapages put onto it. this way you can add the parameters to it and wordpress doesnt strip them out. Give it a try.

Most of the issues are related to caspio system and integration between multiple platforms. When you passing parameters, caspio scripts are doing the job, so make sure to read all documentation on that topic!

Best of luck!

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