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Add Link Next To Dropdown

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I would like to ask for some help. :) Thanks in advance.


My problem here is, I actually want to open other data page to add new data to a dropdown on my form. I've read this (http://howto.caspio.com/tech-tips-and-articles/advanced-customizations/add-an-option-to-a-public-facing-dropdown/).

It's actually working. What I want now is send a parameter together with the URL. I've used javascript actually, however, it's not working. 


On my footer:

<script type="text/javascript">
var PARAM;
var URL1;
  function popup(){
	PARAM= document.getElementsByName("InsertRecordCASCADINGFIELD")[0].value;
	return false;
document.getElementById("IDHERE").onclick = popup;

On the HTML Block next to the dropdown:

<a id="IDHERE">LINK</a>

It's not working, even though I've tried this one on a normal .html and works.


Whenever I click it, new window is not opening. (That's the problem, actually)

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I've read that. What I want to send parameter to the new datapage which cannot be done without using HTML.JS(Not sure if not).


I've tried alot of things. It's working now actually. Thanks. :)


(I'm posted the thread since I've been working on this for the whole day and somehow, it's working now after changing a bit of the code)

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