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Data Page Not Filtering Correctly



Hi folks


New to Caspio, but not to relational databases!


I've been setting up a website for my band, and I'm trying to get a gigs archive from which you can drill down to setlist data. I've set up tables Gig, Song and a m2m table between them called GigSong. I've made a view with the song and gigsong data so I don't have to catalogue the name of the song every time I update that table, just an ID.


So, the main Gig dataPage is fine, and it drills into a page which has 2 dataPages- one for gigDetails, so you know you're on the right one, and one for setlist. The gigDetails takes the gigId parameter passed fine. The setlist filters, but not dynamically, so I know the parameter filtering is working. Bizarrely, though, on the website, it seems to pick up the value that I've used in the Preview screen when testing it: each one picks up the same data, then if I Preview again with something different, it changes to that.


The parameters I'm passing in look like this:


On load:
tickedReceive value or parameter:
External Parameters: [@tblGigSong_gigId]


Could this be because I'm using a view? As you can see above it seems to get the right field.


Here's the page- if you click on any of the "See setlist"s you'll see what I mean.



Thanks very much

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