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JavaScript Phone Formatting - Add Extension

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I have the Javascript in our submission form to format the phone numbers to this format: (123) 456-7890, but sometime I need to add an extension to that. Is there a way to edit the Javascript so that I have the option to have it look like this: (123) 456-7890 x123. I don't want to have a separate column in the table to add an extension because they aren't always there and it will show up funny in the results tables. 


Any thoughts?



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Thanks May, can you explain the HTML option a bit more. Essentially we have contact listed in a tabular report page usually with just phone numbers, occassionally those phone numbers have extensions. What I would like is to either have the extension directly in the phone number field or to have a column in the table that is labled EXT. that disappears when that information is blank for all information pulled into the table. I need the extension information to show up once they click details if there is one.


Thanks for all your help!

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