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email TO and html content

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I'm evaluating Caspio and have most of the Access functionality going. I have three questions on generated emails:

1. These forums seem to indicate parameters cannot be used in the TO field. Still correct?

2. Can the TO field have 2 email addresses? Example: one@somewhere.com, two@somewhereelse.com. Or, alternatedly, is there a CC field?

3. Can html email content be altered by the person receiving it?

Thanks, John


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1- Sure you can use parameters in TO field, if you have an acknowledgement email you can have a dynamic TO email and select it when you enable email and for Notification email also there is a little insert icon next to it to select the field that hold value.

2- Emails should be separated by ";" like any other emails you are sending out. If you have dynamic emails you can get the values from different elements and concatenate them separated by commas, refer to

3- I am not sure what you are trying to achieve on this one ?!


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Thanks for the quick response.

3. We are a Canadian charity and have to email annual receipts for donations. Can the donor change the donated amount if we email receipts as html content in the email body. Obviously we want to prevent the amount being changed.

In our present Access system a pdf file for each donor is generated, and this pdf file is attached to the email. The pdf is unalterable. Can't see how this can be done with Caspio.

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