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How to remove unsupported field from details page

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My free trial just expired and my account was converted to a free account.  During the free trial I had created a calculated field called "Member?" on the Details page.  Calculated fields are not supported in a free account, which I assume is why the "Member?" field does not show on the list of Data Page Elements on the Configure Details Page Fields page.  However, the field name "Member?" still shows on the Details Page with no value when that page is displayed.  How can I remove that field from the Details Page?

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You can delete that field on the "Configure Details Page Fields" of the datapage wizard, just select the calculated field and delete the field using the delete button (button with the cross) below all the fields. Another option is to hide that field using "display:none" attribute. Please read more here

Also you may perform calculation using java script. You can use the following solution 

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Hi, Mathilda - thanks for the reply but, as I wrote in my question, the "Member?" field no longer appears on the "Configure Details Page Fields" page so I can't remove it the normal way.  I also can't hide it for the same reason.  I guess this is a bug so I'll report it in that forum.

Thanks for the link to the article on calculating a field using Java Script.

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