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Fields in Search Form Not Working

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Hi. Need some assistance on following,

This is d present scenario...

I created a search form with the following fields and section

Section 1

Textbox 1

Virtual Field 1 : Advanced Search

Section 2

Radio Button 1

Autocomplete 1

I made virtual field 1 a check box so that when ticked, it ll trigger an action to unhide Radio Button 1 n autocomplete 1

This portion worked perfectly such that when d virtual field 1 checkbox is ticked, it will show/unhide radio button 1 n autocomplete 1.

The problem though is that when i checked d radio button 1 or key in names for d autocomplete 1 textbox, d field's value is not included in d search!

When i moved d radio button 1 checkbox n/or autocomplete 1 on top of section 2, d inputs into these two elements will then enter an accurate result from d search

What can I do? Thanks

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Hi may, i had an element autocomplete text box placed under a Section which was hidden if the virtual field checkbox (labelled advanced search) was not ticked. If ticked, d Section will be shown to the user which shows the autocomplete textbox. If i key in value into the autocomplete text box and submit, the value of d autocomplete text box is not placed under a search criteria. My intention is for this value to be in the search criteria also. Anything im doing wrong here?

Basically my objective is to make my search form less lengthy by hiding some fields. The user can choose advance search if they want more search fields to be shown to them for selection. Any solution for this implementation? Thanks :)

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Hi May,

i think can't use simply combo of virtual field checkbox and setting up rules to hide the other fields under a section if checkbox is unchecked as a method to implement the "more search options"

i tried the collapsible sections method and that worked fine!

instead of using a button or an image, can i use a checkbox instead? this will help me achieve the same thing i had set up to do originally however using collapsible sections method instead

thanks a lot for ya help :)

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