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Combine 2 fields into 3rd on Inline Insert

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I'm trying to figure out how to use a concatenate function that works in a submission form for a tabular inline insert. I believe Ajax has to be disabled for this (I did that). 

I have the below in a custom.js file accessible by the page the datapage is hosted in:

//concate for the simple combination field
function f_secondcombination(part1, part2, comb){

In the datapage itself I'm using, in the header:

<div id="cb_sup">

In the footer of the datapage:


$("#cb_sup form”).click(function(){

f_secondcombination('InsertEditRecordCompanyID', 'InsertEditRecordArea', 'InsertEditRecordCompanyID_Area');


var v_errmes = "This Area already exists for this Company. Please provide a different one.";
f_modify_err_message("cb_value_present", "cb_not_valid_info",v_errmes);


When the user adds a new record (in inline insert) it should combine the 'CompanyID' field with the 'Area' field and put that in 'CompanyID_Area' (which will be a unique field in the table so duplicates can be checked). I can't get this to work- if someone can please help troubleshoot this I'd very much appreciate it. 

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