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Combine 2 fields into 3rd on Inline Insert

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I'm trying to figure out how to use a concatenate function that works in a submission form for a tabular inline insert. I believe Ajax has to be disabled for this (I did that). 

I have the below in a custom.js file accessible by the page the datapage is hosted in:

//concate for the simple combination field
function f_secondcombination(part1, part2, comb){

In the datapage itself I'm using, in the header:

<div id="cb_sup">

In the footer of the datapage:


$("#cb_sup form”).click(function(){

f_secondcombination('InsertEditRecordCompanyID', 'InsertEditRecordArea', 'InsertEditRecordCompanyID_Area');


var v_errmes = "This Area already exists for this Company. Please provide a different one.";
f_modify_err_message("cb_value_present", "cb_not_valid_info",v_errmes);


When the user adds a new record (in inline insert) it should combine the 'CompanyID' field with the 'Area' field and put that in 'CompanyID_Area' (which will be a unique field in the table so duplicates can be checked). I can't get this to work- if someone can please help troubleshoot this I'd very much appreciate it. 

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Where on your datapage are you calling your custom.js? Your script requires jQuery as well...

Can you use inline javascript instead of an external file? The Caspio article on this is good:



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