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Cascading dropdown from non-editable parent field?

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Hi, it seems that the only way to make a field available as a PARENT FIELD for a cascading dropdown, is to make that field editable; otherwise, that field is not an option.

I need to filter a dropdown according to a field that I can't allow to be edited. This is what I need on a Bulk Edit on a report:

  • field type: cascading dropdown
  • filter by: parent field
  • parent field type: display only

Has anyone run into this before? Any ideas? Thanks

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I have experienced this problem before. The field (as you pointed out) needs to be editable for CB to be able to work with the field. The work around I used was to make the field editable, then hide it from displaying.

Put the parent field you would like to be hidden between two HTML Blocks.
Then in the first HTML Block insert <table style="display:none;">
then close the HTML table tag in the following HTML block </table>.
This allows CB to perform operations on the parent field and hides it from displaying on the datapage.

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