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Hi Mylene, 


You should have 2 tables ( and one with User Table) :




After user logs in and opens a page with Items, we use a submission form with auto-submission script and submit a new record  with userID (taken from authentication fields) and orderID (auto number) to the “User-Order” table. We will create a unique Order_ID for each order on this step. Then we pass Order_ID as a parameter and user will be redirected to the results page with items.


You may  add a button like “Add this item” for each record on the results page. When user clicks on a button, we will call a popup with a submission form, using an auto-submission script and a new row will be added to the “Orders” table. We will pass item and Order_ID, which was passed from the previous step.


Please find useful links below:

How to create a popup window with a submission form:



JS solution about creating auto-submission datapage:



An article about passing parameters:


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