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Hide a column but keep aggregation total in tabular



I have a tabular report that has calculated fields using SELECT expressions to get various values related to each record in the results. I then have the main field in the results grouped and an aggregation to average (so the aggregated value is the same as the repeated calculated field value) the calculated field(s). 

The aggregation shows up at the 'top'  next to grouped main field. This is good (unfortunately tabular grouped sections only show the single grouped field and no related fields get to be in the top level with it- so I have to go this route). However..

What I need to do: hide the calculated field column that is repeated for each record in the results. I just need to show the aggregated average at the top. If I hide the whole column (which is easy) I lose the aggregation. 

Is there some way to hide the column results but keep the aggregation of that column? I was thinking maybe some way to change the style of the datapage to hide a specific column (or white the text to match the white background) by an id or something- but I don't know how to do that. Also, if there's a js way that'd be great too. 

I attached a screenshot- see how the 3rd and 4th column repeat the calculated field for every record- but the aggregation is at the top. I need to hide the repeated values (just not the aggregation). 


Any help would be very much appreciated- 


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I was trying something in the header and it almost works: 

#target table:nth-of-type(1) td:nth-of-type(3) {color: #ffffff;}

#target table:nth-of-type(1) th:nth-of-type(3) {color: #ffffff;}


The color:ffffff is to match the background so the column is still there but invisible. The problem is that the above changes the aggregate text color and not the results text color. I need the exact opposite. 

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