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refresh parent windows upon submit/update/close of child window

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I use the below code in my caspio datapage under emails & destination as suggested by in the forum. It was working like a charm but suddenly now it does not work anymore.  anyone can help with new code or why it is not working?

window.onunload = function(){
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Yes - however I have picked up that issue appears related to Chrome version 54.   The popups still work on Safari etc.   As I understand it Chrome will simply no longer enable refresh of a parent window from a popup.  Its real shame as was quite a nice way of working.  What I have done is have parent open a new URL on top i.e replace it with what would have been the popup window and once the "popup" (i.e new URL page) has had its info added it would then return to the original parent URL and thus provide a refresh.

It works in all browsers I have tried but not quite as slick as using the popup.  If however you have a method that woudl work please do adviser :-)

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