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Conditionally Display a Link Based on Value of Field in Tabular Results Page

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   I have very little Java experience and am relatively new to Caspio.  I have read through all the postings on this forum and have tried as much as I can.

My problem is this: I need to display a link on a line of a tabular report results page based on the value of a field in the line.


   The line consists of information about members in a family. The family can have any number of members. One of the members is the primary member and that is indicated by a value of 'Yes' in a checkbox stored in the database. I want only the primary member to have the link to the pantry page and the other member lines to just display a blank space. This is to prevent pantry items being added for all the members when there can be only one pantry item per day for the group.

I would like to see:

John Smith  Yes  link_to_pantry

Jane Smith   No   blank

Jimmy Smith  No  blank 

Is this even possible? 

Thank you for any help you can provide. I am really stuck.


Additional Info: I have tried the following in a calculated field, but can't get it to display a link:

    WHEN [@field:Primary_Client] = 1 THEN '<a href="https://c3afw034.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=a2dc40005863d83f783a4981a28b&GBurg_Household_ID=[@field:GBurg_Household_ID]">Pantry</a>'

    WHEN [@field:Primary_Client] = 0 THEN ' '


It displays the link code for the correct entry, but doesn't just display Pantry with a line under it.

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I have resolved this by putting the code in an HTML block:


if ("[@field:Primary_Client]" == "Yes") {
document.write("<a href='https://c3afw034.caspio.com/dp.asp?AppKey=appkeyhere&Household_ID=[@field:Household_ID]'>Pantry</a>");
else {
document.write("  ");

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