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Changing a Label with content from a field by Javascript

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I have a field in a submission form called "Website URL"

It is validated with some javascript in the footer.

If it has an error message I need to either 

a) modify the default  "required" error message underneath the field


b ) have the error message show up on the top of the page in a label.


ANy help would be pretty , pretty , pretty cool





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What I was looking to do was :

change the value of a label (of a particular element) in a form.

figured it out. Thanks !


Qtn : Using Javascript, is it possible to change the value of a >>  Virtual Field ? If so, How ????



solution to change the value of a label of a particular element in a form:


var labels = document.getElementsByTagName('label');

// 'label' is passed as the argument. To get this argument, First inspect the form element TYPE name in Chrome.


for (var i = 0; i < labels.length; i++) {

   if (labels.htmlFor != '') {

        var elem = document.getElementById(labels.htmlFor);

        if (elem)

           elem.label = labels;         



document.getElementById('EditRecordDummyCount').label.innerHTML = 'Label text is changed';



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